2 Birds In Hand, 3 On Tree

My son is just poised to make the first important decision in his adult life. He applied to 6 med-schools, all south of the border, for his next step in education.  With God’s abundant blessing he has received admissions-letters from 2 med-schools, awaiting response from 3 more and handled 1 rejection all with grace that…

Stopping To Smell The Flowers- A Post By KR

  Spent the last fortnight with a bit of travel and spending time with relatives and friends. Tiruchy (in the middle of Tamil Nadu, India) visits are always a rush affair with a tight morning to evening schedule and rushing off from the town in the night. Visit to the temples gives us a satisfaction…

Happy Birthday To My Darling Nephew

K’di, from the time I held you in my arms the very first time, to this day, you never cease to amaze me. You are a blessing! May you be showered with many more blessings all through your life. May all your hard work and dedication payoff multiple folds! God Be With You!

Memorial Day- Take A Moment To Reflect..

Among the many indelible pictures that haunt me when I think of military or veterans, the foremost is this. This picture like so many others certify that wearing the uniform is not all always about strength, power, combat, victory, brutality but a much more deeper understanding of self and sacrifice: both of others and their…

A Prayer For Malala Please….

Calling all friends of TDPP to keep young Malala in your hearts and prayers. Your prayers will surely be for a great cause! 49368204#49368204