Chutty-Chetty Gals’ Mighty Power

And we are on! All 5 of us ‘Chutty-Chetty Gals’ from our family are on to an international contest: 7 Minutes each day for 6 months dealing with 5 Hot-spots, 4 Contenders/3 Countries or maybe 3 Contenders/2 Countries, 2 Criterias and 1 Mighty-Win-Win! We are the Chutty-Chetty Gals and we will do ourselves proud! Wish us luck! 

Mr. President, Bring Them Home!

Published: July 9, 2013 at 6:55 AM WASHINGTON, July 9 (UPI) — U.S. President Barack Obama, in tough talks with Hamid Karzai, may speed up U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and leave none behind, officials said. The New York Times, quoting U.S. and European officials, reported talks with the Afghan president are frustrating Obama and as a result, the U.S….

Should I Or Shouldn’t I? – Query By Michael

Note from Michael:  I have been writing these for many years now and some of you have received lots of my ramblings. It has always been my desire to publish my writings – I now have 6 books ready but cant break through. A thought is self publishing.   Attached is my personal favourite book….

It’s Bogi Time….

…… here’s to some purging, trashing and burning of unwanted stuff or in other words: BOGI ! TDPP will not share any angst/hand-wringing/trolling on PBO and his administration. You can call me partisan or what not, I’ve had enough of the ‘clutching the pearls and trips to the fainting couch’ every time PBO does something…

A Prayer For Malala Please….

Calling all friends of TDPP to keep young Malala in your hearts and prayers. Your prayers will surely be for a great cause! 49368204#49368204

I Look Great, I Look Great….

yes, sweetheart you do look great and you have an even greater spirit. May You Live Long With The Same Positive Spirit! Hattip: JK from Delhi for sharing this