Bitten By Doggy Love

I am missing CoCo so very much! Last Tuesday evening, coming back from work I knew she was gone even as I neared my home. I entered to utter silence, no yippy-yaps, no happy dance at the door, no excited pee-accidents, no licking at my toes and above all no CoCo looking at me soulfully…….

Sometimes The Greatest Joy Comes In Smallest Packages

Since January 2011, my son has been working at a fast pace to successfully complete his 4 years Honours program at the university, complete an international volunteering project, while working parttime at his university and volunteering at a local hospital on weekends. He was working his way towards the requirements of the ever-demanding medical schools….

Aaaww And Ouuch

—————————————————————————————————————————-   Hat tip: TheImmoralminorityblogpost.

I Love Him Already

…whatever you may all say, this one has my name written all over it. Ideally, when he is mine, he would walk like this to the bus-stop and await my arrival and then we would both go for a stroll…what a sweetheart!! H/T The Dependable Renegades

Sweet September: My Son Is So NOT Allowed To See This

……what ever it costs please, please keep this video away from my son. Well………………. now what? Any recommendation for a good pair of earplugs? Also, too how about a super-duper headache remedy? I am so gonna hear earful about a certain puppy needing to come home. Ummmmmmm, just when I thought I managed to keep…

Me Back, Me Back…

……from my short retreat! Now I know you are all dying to know what all mischiefs funĀ I have been enjoying, but patience my pals patience. And while I get my jumbled up thoughts, posts, pictures and book reviews into some order…. meet my new friends Schweet Teddy and … …. handsome Rafe…