Rest In Peace, Dearest Gentle Friend

Though I am not new to receiving news of dearly departed, though I have lost grandparents from both sides with whom I made fond memories, nothing felt more like a rip in my heart than the news I received this morning.

A friend, a gentlest soul, who evokes memory of  manly-mirthful giggles, beautiful smile that comes from his eyes- even when in deep physical pain.

A man who most of the time talkes with the cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth, talking to everyone fondly, disciplining with a smile, addressing even the office peons with fondness, addiction to coffee- not all kinds only the filter-decoction variety.

A man who would drive a pregnant friend all across the east corner of the city before driving himself to the west corner to his home even amidst excruciating pain of his own.

A man whose home was always open to all, whose wife always served food for all, whose heart always accepted all and whose first response to friend’s phone calls was always an ever ready, endearing and inviting ‘Sollunga’, meaning ‘yeah, tell me’- Made me feel like he was there for me every time and anytime I called him.

With a heavy heart, I am going to call his personal mobile one more time on Sunday (after giving his grieving family a day or two of privacy). I know someone will answer it for sure, but it will not be the ‘Sollunga’-  NEVER EVER!


Happy Birthday G3

Because today’s your birthday,
And because you’re extra nice,
One wish is not enough for you
And so here’s wishing twice!
Hoping your Birthday’s wonderful
In every single way,
And next year brings happiness
For you G3 everyday!

Have You Said ‘Yes’ When You Really Wanted To Say ‘No’?

Guilty, guilty, guilty….I have lost count of the many times when I have lacked courage and took the easy way out and later suffered miserably. I’ve been hurt by so many experiences from just not having said ‘No’…simple 2 letter word that caused me so much grief just by lack of it. This has happened in school days, college days, adolescent days, adult days, while at India, here at Canada…simply put I was such a sucker, that even that word would be ashamed of me.

Recently, my friend JMS reminded me of this magic word and its greatness in its utter simplicity. Last night I tried it and boy oh boy, what a relief! Am a sucka n’more!

Dearest JMS

For over a decade now, every week we chat and you walk me through my every fear and wipe away my every tear. You are the best friend I have wished for and the best sister I could have wished for! May God Bless You Abundantly!

27Days, 27Weeks, 27Months

……first of all a BIG thanks to MM who was kind enough to pass on Peter’s details to me in Jan of this year. Peter is a gentle giant of a sort who helps people in need and lives about 45 minutes away from my house. My son and I visited with him last Monday, March 4, 2013.

Per Peter, whether I like it or not, ‘somebody’ is coming into my life in 27 days, 27 weeks, 27 months. I will also inherit one more child.

I share this because:

->  I am a firm believer in the ‘Laws of Attraction’ and that the universe will always give what one wants.

-> I also firmly believe that nothing will come easy and I need to get my act together and

-> I know you will all hold my feet to the fire once I commit to it on TDPP  also, too…

-> I don’t want my son to grow up thinking that the only answer to  ‘mess-ups’ are ‘miss-ups’. I want him to believe in second chances for himself and for others too.


Unrelated news 1:  I got the details of some dogs waiting to be rescued. See some of them in:  Once  my son’s applications and further studies are dealt with, I might just commit to one of them.

Unrelated news 2: I am making good progress with spoken Arabic and spoken French.   Few more weeks and then on to spoken Spanish and Mandarin….yeahhhhh