Stopping To Smell The Flowers- A Post By KR

  Spent the last fortnight with a bit of travel and spending time with relatives and friends. Tiruchy (in the middle of Tamil Nadu, India) visits are always a rush affair with a tight morning to evening schedule and rushing off from the town in the night. Visit to the temples gives us a satisfaction…

Happy 21st Birthday To My Son

Darling, I’ve been so very blessed to have you in my life. All through the various turbulent changes in your very early, formative years you were my greatest inspiration and motivation. The absolute trust you had and still have in me is so very humbling, my son. From the shy, cute kid who would hold…

My New Backyard Addition

You might recall the small flagstone patio I used to have in my backyard. This summer I pulled out the flagstones to make room for this…………. All that is missing is a backyard bbq party…can’t wait to host one!

Road Trip

My son and I went on a day trip up north to Haliburton county in the first week of August. He had a shadowing assignment at the emerg-department in that county hospital. We originally planned to leave Thursday night, but due to a heavy downpour, yes that same one which wiped out  my one and…

Holly Molly, Aye Jolly……..

…… the time it took for me to watch this, I would have licked dry the Californian Shiraz sitting in my cabinet. Anyhoo, Happy St. Patrick’s Day Peeps !

I Love Him Already

…whatever you may all say, this one has my name written all over it. Ideally, when he is mine, he would walk like this to the bus-stop and await my arrival and then we would both go for a stroll…what a sweetheart!! H/T The Dependable Renegades

Sweet September: From Auz To NZ

AK from New Zealand finds the answer we have all been wondering about ………. WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD? This, ladies and gentlemen is why the chicken crossed the road!!

Sweet September: Ok What Happened Here?

September sunnied in: wonderfully hot and not so wonderfully humid. But boy, oh boy what happened to me..?? Fighting a summer-flu, coping with a summer-wave at work, pushing against teenage harmones at home…….. Ok, I know what I need to perk me up in the absence of a cool, long sangria……. ya, ya, you can…