Presents- A Post By MCT From Auz.

As a child I knelt down beside my bed, closed my eyes and asked God to look after mum and dad and nan and my little brother. As I grew I started adding requests – a new bike, that the lump in my mouth wasn’t cancer, and so on. This to me was prayer. We…

Secret Influences- A Post By MCT From Auz

Secret Influences   We are surrounded by spirits who are influencing our daily lives. Most people don’t believe this, so they are being influenced without knowing about it, without being in control. Generally we don’t believe what we cant see, a silly position when you think it through, nevertheless the position so many have taken….

Helping President Obama This Week

This is indeed a people’s movement and TDPP is very proud to be associated in some miniscule way in such a movement and yes I have donated!

Balleilakka In America

This group really enjoyed this song and the joy in their voice took me straight to my motherland. I could listen to this performance all evening..simply wow!  Kudos to The Oakland Chorale!! H/T: KB from LA.  

5 Key Trends ….

…………………..Likely To Shape The World Of Work in Coming Years. The Globe and Mail reports: GREYING WORK FORCE: An aging population, more people opting to stay on the job and the elimination of mandatory retirement ages mean workplaces should prepare for the age of “unretirement.” GOING GLOBAL: Overseas experience, familiarity with other cultures and the…

Yeeks, The Wascally Wabbit Is Back….

remember this WASCAL who decimated my chilly-lillies… HE IS BACK!!!!     With his new partner-in-crime…… well, he is NOT touching any of my Lillies or Lilacs or ‘Black-eye-Susan’s this year: he is welcome to share the nuts & seeds with the winged-friends in my yard

Me- My Worst Enemy And I

Complacency creeps in despite one’s best efforts to stay challenged! Quite often it is easy to settle into one’s routines, get into the comfort zone, unaware that there is very little or no growth in the comfort zone. Our minds rationalise multitude reasons and we tend to stick with the calm, comforting and complacent lifestyle….

Soul Music by Shye Ben Tzur

According to Wiki: Shye Ben Tzur is an Israeli Qawwali singer who composes qawwalis in Hebrew. He was formerly part of the rock band Sword of Damocles, which he founded. After attending a concert in Jerusalem by the Indian classical musicians Hari Prasad Chaurasia and Zakir Hussain, he became interested in Indian music, which brought…