Still Reading ……(part 3)

……5 Steps to Expert by Paul G. Schempp Chapter 6: Excelling to Expert: Experts are individuals who consistently outperform their peers- no one does it better than an expert. Experts have more experience, knowledge, skills and success in their field than almost anyone. This does not mean that experts can necessarily outperform every time in every…

Itsy Bitsy Housekeeping

..I have moved Cami’s birthday wishes to 07Aug2010 as it was days in advance. So to keep the post-counter from choking up, I’ve added this. It’s just the OCB (Obsessive-compulsive-b****) in me!! Ha, ha, ha…!!

Hurry Up Joey…..

Can’t you see the line up here?. Boy, you sure are greedy, rush will’ya??

Happy 4th Of July

To my friends & family living in US and all US Citizens wherever in the universe you maybe!!

Happy Father’s Day

…………heartfelt salutations to my dad and all of you – dads, whom I have the privilege of being associated in some form or the other……. ‘HAPPY FATHER’S  DAY’

Oh, Jon Stewart

If you don’t love Jon Stewart for this, you don’t love America, I mean you don’t love ‘A Merry Gia’, I mean you don’t love me, ‘A Merry Mia’ !!

Dimwit Speaketh Rest Runneth

What I- What I’m telling you is that is not what I am hearing, and what the American public is hearing from the top official in our government.  And that’s why those poll numbers [presumably the one BillO cited?] show that no, the public, we don’t know where to turn, if we can’t trust BP…

Just Wondering…??

……….how come the Cheney’s are so ‘zip-locked’ at this time of Presidcnt Obama’s ‘KATRINA’ and the ‘Times Square bombed bombing’…. ummmmmm wonder which bunker they are hunkering down into..??