Happy Thanksgiving!

People celebrate ‘Thanksgiving’ in so many different ways on several different days, such as ‘Pongal’ in South India to greeting and sharing with the natives by the pilgrims in North America. For us,  since the past 13 years, this has been a moment to offer a special prayer and thanks to all who made and continue to make our lives more blessed.

As always Shiv and I are very thankful and wish all you friends, well wishers and everyone who crossed our paths from the past to the present, as well as all our family members: immediate and extended a very ….


Moscow And Women’s Day

……Yesterday evening I got into my bus (for the last part of my daily loop) home bound and saw one of my bus mates- ZA who is an immigrant from Russia, sitting on the very first seat with a mile wide smile and a handful of lovely flowers; yellow roses, green hydrangeas, pink Tiger lillies, irises and many more…

She works as an Exec-Asst for an (Russian oil company) office at downtown Toronto and her boss the President is a Russian-Canadian. Even though he is on a holiday at New Zealand, he had ordered some flowers for her for ‘Women’s Day’. I ‘ooh-aah’ed the flowers and told her that it was very thoughtful and a lovely gesture from her boss. She immediately said that in Russia, Women’s Day -March 8th was and still is a big deal. They all have a day off and men go crazy buying their women lots of flowers, jewelleries and gifts.

My eyes must have opened up like a saucer for she started quickly recounting her past experiences from back home. Oh boy, she wasn’t kidding. Check here

Russia is celebrating International Women’s Day.

……………………..May 8th has been a day-off in Russia for many years now.

This Friday, Muscovites and the guests of the city can visit city museums for free, while women will be presented flowers at rest and recreation parks. The current ISS crew has traditionally offered congratulations to Russian women

Russian men to spend billions of rubles on March 8 gifts

Men in Moscow will spend an estimated 15-18 billion rubles on March 8 gifts for women, according to a survey conducted by the MAR Consult marketing firm.

The maximum average a man aged between 36 and 45 is prepared to spend on March 8 gifts for his near and dear is about 6,000 rubles.

Normally, one-tenth of that sum is spent on sweets and other confectionary goods.

Confectionary producers and flower sellers stand to gain the most from the March 8 International Women’s Day.

Their profits normally go up 42-44%.

Voice of Russia, Vesti.ru, TASS


…..Anyone considering Moscow to live or visit?  I think I would like to visit Moscow. Any man who treats his women right and any country  that embraces and encourages it ranks high in my opinion. What say you?