Feng Shui And Me

Chapter 1: Oh, How Lucky You Are..?

Some comments I often hear are:

Oh, you are so lucky!

You, don’t realise how blessed you are:- YOU HAVE NO-IN-LAWS BUGGING YOU!!

Look at you, you have everything a person can ask for, a GOOD job, a GOOD home, a GOOD car, a GOOD son, a GOOD family (back home), No-in-laws here to bug you!!!

Agreed, double agreed, triple agreed , hey you won’t hear any arguments from me on that front, after all I am living this beautiful life day in and day out and enjoying every moment. However, I cannot, in all honesty attribute everything to ‘Lady Luck’ only, however beautiful she may be. A lot of hardwork, some mis-givings/anger/fear and tear, tons of prayers , supportive family and friends and of lately, Feng Shui have all had some role too.

Allow me to explain each category and how it vooed ‘Lady Luck’ into my corner.

Hardwork: If you are of the opinion that after living 33 years in one’s birth country-> moving into a new country in a new continent-> all the way across the atlantic-> with a nine year old, adorable, most trusting and staunch cheer leader of a son-> with no job and no relatives/family in the new country, involves no hardwork, YOU MAYBE RIGHT !. However, you need find your home-blog and move on buddy, as there is nothing of value for you here. This blog is only for those realistic among us out there.

Mis-givings/Anger/Fear and Tear: yes, there were a lot of trial and errors, more trials and more errors, even more trials and even more errors….oh well. you get the drift, don’t you..??  Often, anger was the much needed spur:- anger at my laziness, sloppiness, dim-wit moments, lack of focus, signs of weakness and the societal presumptions on living in wild west in general.

Fear and tear:- I am as emotional as anyone else and have had my share of fear and tears. Fear when my son broke his arm, broke his foot, when I had a car accident, when my son started telling lies and skipping classes to go ‘mall-gazing’ or ‘gal-gazing’,  when one day he looked at me and said in no uncertain terms,” I do not want to excel in studies and be called a nerd, I want to simply be one of these guys”.   My oh my, those were the days when tears were a plenty: his and mine while trying to gently work through his thinking pattern and effect some changes.

Prayers:  I am not your weekly church going/temple-visiting type of person. In fact until 2006, almost 6 years after relocating to Canada, I had not stepped into any religious ambience here. However, I have been a strong believer in ‘supernatural power’ and any ways and means to channel these powers into my corner, boy, I was quick to seize upon. I am living example that ‘prayers can move mountains’ as many of those who knew me from 1980s, 1990s would vouch for.

Supportive family and friends:In all honesty I would not be where I am today if not for my parents, my son, GB’s mom, GB’s siblings, NKS, NKS’s parents, JMS, AT, Shah family, and most importantly my bff GB.  My parents and my son are very trusting, loving, supporting and simply amazing people. Even though I made some poor choices, they stand by me day in and day out. Apart from my family, GB’s mom is another lovely person who has so much love and patience for me.  Her brief stays at my house are something I will always cherish.  GB’s siblings simply embraced me into their fold and have been steadfastly supportive to date. I consider NKS’s parents my surrogate parents. During a particularly difficult phase of life, they cared for me like one of their own. AT and NKS were and still are my greatest cheer leaders, ready to huddle over to my side at a moment’s notice.  I know I have the love of the entire Shah family, but BS and DS are my staunch, silent but strong supporters. JMS has been literally holding my hands and lending a shoulder to lean on since my arrival to Canada. Even now with a young family , JMS makes time for me in a heartbeat. That brings me to GB. GB has been my biggest supporter and my biggest challenger. He has taken on so many roles as my friend, my guide, my mentor, my pest, my irritant, my soulmate, my stewing pot, my coach, and of late my biggest puzzle. He has worked both along sides me and across the continents. Time and distance between the two continents did not pose any obstruction to his care and guidance.

And now to FENG SHUI and how I began my acquaintance with it:

Having moved to Canada in 2000, renting a condo for us, I quickly learnt  about mortgage and home-buying and bought my 1 bed room condo in 2003. Since then, I was fascinated with property investments and kept reading and watching so many TV-shows such as  ‘House-flipping’, ‘Buy Me’ and Home and Garden specials, sometimes it felt like I could direct one of them myself. And somewhere among them, I heard about this concept called Feng Shui, but did not do anything about it.

Fascinated by all the tips and tricks in home-buying, in 2006, I bought another property: this time a semi-detached house (which I was ‘lucky’ to share with another home-owner Cami, who would later became one of my good friends. More about my friends in another post). The plan was to move into the semi-detached house and sell the condo as our needs had outgrown it.

In a typical cinematic twist, my son expressed  reservations about moving away from his ‘hood’ as he called our then neighbourhood. As he was in grade 10 by then, I caved in and decided to renovate the house and sell if for a profit, ofcourse. So for about 4-5 months I slogged to get the house in shape for ‘Sale for Profit’ .

It was during then that I became fully immersed into Feng Shui. And within 6 months, I had sold the semi-detached house for a profit, found another beautiful detached house for sale, used the profit to pay downpayment to this newly found house, sold my condo and moved into our current house and all of this without taking any day off work, without any pressure on my son, without any changes to his schooling, and most importantly without any undue compromises.

I am now a very, very  firm believer in Feng Shui and its earthly principles on how to channel positive energy while diffusing negative energy in my life and my son’s. Feng Shui taught me to use what I have to get what I want. It also taught me to use my own intuition to guide my journey in life, optimising my good fortunes and minimising those that are not.

So yes, with all of the above working with me, for me, I am no doubt a poster child for ….

‘How Lucky You Are!’ ‘

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  1. Very enlightening, and captivating. Thank you.

  2. michael c-t says:

    Lovely to read again and recognise the wonders of God

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