Kinetic Kalyan

When I think of Kalyan, I recall a man who always seemed to be on the move, always on wheels- in the literal sense of the word, yet so very caring for his family and friends.

I first met him in 1998 when his brother-in-law who was and still is a good friend of mine introduced me to him. Later, in the early 2000. I had an appointment at new Delhi-embassy and with nary a thought, he offered to receive me from the Delhi-train station- in the midst of a working day. I still recall seeing him make his way towards my compartment with an eye out for me and a cellphone glued to his ear. He spotted Shiv & me, waved, walked over, smiled, picked up the luggage and started walking all the while continuing his conversation on the phone. Shiv was barely 8 yrs old at that time and with one hand holding Shiv tight and the water-cooler in my other hand, I tried to keep pace with Kalyan.

All through the walk to the car and on the drive home, except for smiling at me apologetically, he did not miss a beat of the conversation he was having nor did he miss a beat of the horrendous Delhi road traffic. Upon arriving home, he walked up the stairs with my luggage in one hand, the phone still glued to his ear. Jaya awaited us at the door. He walked in dropped the case, sat on the couch for few minutes, still talking, and after few nods at his wife Jaya, he was on his way again to his office- still talking on the phone. I had no idea what time he returned home that night.

All through our stay for the next few days we barely caught a glimpse of him as he had to fly away to Bombay the very next morning, returned the same night and flew out the next again. Indian Airlines seemed like second home for him at that time. With all that going on, he still made time for us friends as well as a whole spectrum of family members both from his side of the family as well as his wife’s side.

So, in my mind the word ‘Kinetic-Kalyan’ seems very apt, though in person and personality he is very calm, thoughtful, contemplative and has a knack of making others open up to him, while he did not appear to have much desire to hear his own voice. He is a very successful professional with an innate understanding of the human mind and has recently added a new feather ‘life-coaching’ to his cap. He will be contributing to TDPP as often as his busy schedule allows him to and I am sure you will all join me in welcoming him.

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  1. Kalyan says:

    Kind words. Thank you for the welcome and for what you have said.

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