Happy Birthday Jesus- A Post by MCT

I wonder what Jesus wants for his birthday?

A game box? An iPhone?
He’s 2011 years old, maybe he doesn’t want anyone to remember it?
I wonder what he would say if i asked him what he wants?
The words “peace, joy and love” come to mind. Hippy words. John Lennon words. Jesus words.
Would he want that for us?
Why do we prefer war, stress and hatred? Why do the rich steal from the poor? Why is the world economy in melt down?
Its not because we have tried to follow Jesus’ teachings. What might happen if we tried?
My birthday present to Jesus will be to work harder to love him, to obey him, to do His will. I believe that will make a difference to my life, I don’t see how I can be worse off, and I believe it might be what he would like from me as his gift.
Happy birthday Jesus

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